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Self Help Groups (SHGs) has emerged as the most vital instrument in the process of participatory development and women empowerment. The women are the marginalized groups in the society because of socio-economic constraints. They remain backward and in the lower position of the social hierarchical ladder. They can lift themselves from the morass of poverty and stagnation through microfinance and formation of Self Help Groups. A number of initiatives involving micro-finance have been established to increase women’s economic and social power. These provide small loans to mobilize resources for income-generating projects, which can alleviate poverty. While microfinance programmes can operate as discrete entities, successful ones tend to incorporate education sessions and skills-building workshops to help change gender norms, improve communication in relationships and empower women in other ways.

Women not only constitute half of the world’s population but also sway the growth of the remaining half. They produce half of the world’s food supply and account for 60% of the working force but comprise only 10% of the world’s economy and surprisingly own less than 1% of the world’s real estate. They have little access to productive resources and negligible control over family income. This discrimination is the result of gender bias, which forms an inherent part of the global society.

It reflects in our area of operation also. Bridging this gap in the existing set up of micro-credit groups has assumed a critical significance the economic development of women. The need today is to help women overcome the blockades and draw maximum participation from them to set up micro enterprise that will lead them towards self-reliance. Once the groups are set up other members of the community observe the benefit of the method. Though the groups are consist of women only but their counterparts are indirectly involved in this process. They will join hands with the women groups and help them to save regularly, access to micro-credit programme and setting up micro-enterprise.

The programme will certainly show popular with the rural population. The illiterate and landless people who form the groups have no access to credit through the regular banking system. Official channels also have a suspect stance towards the ability of the target groups. It is therefore expected that the community people will unanimously join their hands in decision-making, planning and implementation of the project successfully.

Formation of SHGs:

In Karimnagar District we have formed ....... SHGs in rural as well as urban areas. In Warangal District we have able to formed ........ SHGs. In Mahaboobnagar the SHGs formed are ....... In Kurnool ....... SHGs were formed. In Medak District ....... SHGs were formed and in Nizamabad ........ SHGs were formed. We have formed MACS which is running in the name of Jagruthi MACS in Karimngar, Warangal, Kurnool & Medak districts.

Financial Assistance to SHGs:
We were able to facilitate 417 SHGs old groups to link with bank for loan. This amount is utilized for the different development purpose as well as social purpose. We also facilitated these SHGs to get revolving fund from different govt. agencies.  Micro finance was given to these groups from different Govt. agencies. Widows were assisted to get loans in Tatkal scheme. Scholar ship to the studying children from APSMFC. SJSRY scheme for Youths and SHGs under Municipality. Giriraja Birds were distribute to 100 SHGs so that the women get income of their own.

3000 GROUP Uniforms to Empower women in a large Extent
Micro Finance
The overall goal of the organization is to build women SHGs as a village, cluster & Mandal level mass organization
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