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Information is power. The less informed are those who have poor access to information and are, therefore, powerless. Women fall into this category, as their information on many matters is restricted for cultural, social, economic and geographic reasons. The primary reason for women’s poor access to information is illiteracy and lack of proper education. A great deal of information available through print media and books is lost to women and men who cannot read.

The first is that, in many ways, the current system of education is irrelevant and, therefore, there is no great incentive to send girls to school. The second—and this should be stressed—is that women’s most urgent need is awareness through dissemination of information, irrespective of whether they are literate or not. Where life skills are concerned, Education is both necessary and desirable because it enhances knowledge, but it is not essential. For instance, the example of infant care. Today, the major cause of high infant mortality and malnutrition has more to do with lack of knowledge about feeding than insufficient food because of awareness. Thus, it is equally crucial to inform and involve not only women, Inadequate information has led to the establishment of misguided traditions. Surely education is an urgent requirement in affected areas.

Women should be empowered by enhancing their skills, knowledge and access to education. This will strengthen their ability to combat negative portrayals of women internationally and regionally to challenge instances of abuse of the power of an increasingly important industry.

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