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It is a commonly held view that women are less engaged with computer Information
and Communication Technologies than men. Information and Communication Technologies are for everyone and women have to be an equal beneficiary to the advantages offered by the technology, which emerge from their use. The benefits accrued from the computer training, so that women should freely flow to all segments of the society.

Vanitha Jyothi Mahila Sangam offers women computer training both basics and professional courses to have the potential to reach those women who hitherto have not been reached by any other media, thereby empowering them to participate in economic and social progress, and make informed decision on issues that affect them.

Information technology is the common denominator that links people, irrespective of caste, class, sex, religion, race or political alignments. This is why it becomes even more important to evaluate and assess the role of communication technology in empowering women, particularly from the point of view of access and utilisation. Gender equality presupposes elimination of all kinds of bias against women, and communication technology intervention can accelerate the pace of equality through gender sensitisation. Communication technology can be used to impart information, and that in turn will lead to motivation, mobilisation and action. Communication technology can encompass different approaches–welfare, participatory and catalyst approaches with women as change agents. Information, reinforced with success stories, can motivate women to adopt healthy lifestyles. For instance, information on immunisation, child mortality, maternal mortality, sanitation, nutritional awareness and causes, prevention and treatment of disease can be disseminated far and wide via communication technology. Although computers and the Internet are altering the way we work, communicate, learn and play, the possibility of installing personal computers (PCs) in Indian villages is still fairly remote. Most villages are still without roads usable by cars, nor do they have a stable electricity supply.

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The overall goal of the organization is to build women SHGs as a village, cluster & Mandal level mass organization
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